Finger Food – Welcoming

“Mezza manica” pasta blown carbonara style
(lactose, gluten, eggs)
Crispy sushi with red shrimp tartare
Cream puffs with broccoli cream and pecorino fondue
(lactose, gluten)
Meatballs, mayonnaise and mustard
(lactose, gluten, eggs, chives)
Chickpea falafel and homemade vegan mayo
Salty shortcrust pastry tart with beef tartare and horseradish ice cream
(gluten, eggs)
Polenta crostino, whipped cod and olive crumble
Mini burger with bacon and salad
(gluten, eggs)
Petite brioche with tuna tartare and Ponzu sauce
(gluten, eggs, soy)

1 | The “Carpaccio”

(With live finissage)

Seared tuna with sesame breading, spicy mayonnaise and onion petals
Curly sashimi, “puntarelle” and tobiko

Beef tataki with bernese sauce
Fassona and truffle carpaccio roll

3 | Asian Corner

(With live finissage)

Bao bun with chicken “alla cacciatora”
Bao bun with vegetables in Asian style
(gluten, soy)
Poké with pineapple, cabbage, edamame and teriyaki

5 | The Rotisserie

(With live finissage)

Mini homemade supplì roman style
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Mini homemade cheese and pepper supplì
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Pulled pork meatballs and bbq sauce
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Fried “amatriciana” pasta
(gluten, lactose, eggs))

7 | Selection of Meats and Cheeses

Fried gnocco with hand sliced ham “Coccia Sesto”
(lactose, gluten)

Cheese Corner
Cheese and Pear
(gluten, lactose, nuts)
“Grangessato” cheese from organic farm Ammano Km0
“Canestrello pitticheddu” cheese from Gennarentu farm of Anguillara Sabazia
Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Malandrone 24 months
Tuscan pecorino cheese in walnut leaf
Taleggio cheese DOP

to match with:
Seletion of “Fruttanuda” jams: pear, pear and nugmet, peach and mint
Honey km0 from the district Vivaro of Rocca di Papa
Pikle: artichokes, grilled olives with capers, onions with balsamic

Selection of olive oils from Lazio
Croutons with nuts, honey and raisin
(gluten, nuts)
White bread croutons
Seed bread croutons
(gluten, sesame)

10 | The Garden

(Serviti a Girobraccio)

Pumpkin and artichoke parmigiana with Recco provolone fondue
Fennel, orange and olive salad
Oil dip with:
vinaigrette, salsa teriyaki (soy), cream of olives of Gaeta
pumpkin baked with sage
cauliflower turmeric and orange
crispy potato terrine with fondue and truffle
radish with walnut vinaigrette

8 | The First Courses

(Served by waiters directly at the table)

Stuffed gnocco, pumpkin cream and roast porcino mushroom
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Cod ravioli with “arrabbiata” sauce
(gluten, lactose, eggs)

The Risotto
Risotto “alla milanese” with saffron
(lactose, eggs)

The Second Courses

(Served by the waiters directly at the table)

Red wine glazed cheek with mashed potatoes and scalded carrot
(lactose, celery)
roasted octopus, smoked potato, pepper cream and chimichurri
(lactose, celery)
“roots”: celeriac, tominambur, red turnip, onion and carrots

7 | After dinner

Orange and Chocolate: chocolate bavarian with red orange
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Profiterols with pastry cream and dark chocolate icing
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Bavarian with three chocolates
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Mini krapfen with pastry cream or nutella
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
(gluten, lactose, eggs)

8 | Winter wonderland

(With live finissage)

glazed ginger biscuits
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Orange and cinnamon biscuits
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Filled cannoli
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
(with chocolate ganache, eggnot and whipped cream)
“ciambelline al vino”
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Assorted nougats
(gluten, lactose, eggs)
Clementines and mandarins
Rossana candy and Marshmallow
hazelnuts and almonds pralinate
Candy canes

2 – 4 - 6 - 9 | WINES

Quaranta/Sessanta IGT Lazio Bianco
Azienda Agricola Biologica l’Olivella

Roma Rosso Riserva DOC Rosso
Villa Cavalletti

Spumante Brut
Villa Cavalletti

4 - 6 | DRINK LIST


Spritz Aperol
Spritz Campari
Negroni sbagliato
Gin Tonic
Vodka Tonic
Moskow Mule



“Almond Sour”
Amaretto di Saronno
Lime Juice
Saronno Velvet Mousse
Lemon Bitter

“Super Light”
Lemon Juice
Sugar syrup
Top Prosecco

“Mexican Hype”
Lemon Juice
Pink grapefruit syrup
Pomelo e Pink Pepper Soda